Douglas USA produces powerful marketing communications for rapid and realtionship building customer engagement
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Producers of Revenue-Generating Content, Strategies, and Tactics

Shorten Time
To Revenue

We create powerful text the currency of the Internet

Attract New Business

Douglas USA Strengthened Our Thought Leadership by Making It More Fact-Based, Believable, Visual, and Persuasive. Making Our Business Value and Mission Better Understood, Has Stimulated New Relationships, Increased Revenues, Shortened Sales Cycles, and Improved Closure Rates

The DOUGLAS AGENCY has Decades of Industry-Specific Knowledge which Is Indispensable for Prospect Education, Nurturing, and Advisement--the Most Important and Required Components of how Best to Keep Existing Customers and Attract New Business.

Technology launches and promotions

Top-Down Ideas + Value Become Powerful Messaging which is Fact-Based,  Believable, +  Persuasive. Companies Become Easier to Recognize + Understand .....which Stimulates
Relationships, Shortens Sales Cycles, + Improves Closure Rates.

Our Principals Have Complemented Prominent Agencies + Internal  Marketing Departments, to Create Visual Identity Packages, Launch Tactics/Strategies, + Design Global Marketing Plans for Top Computer Software + Hardware Companies.

Tech Savvy




Creative Storytelling by Published Artists, Authors, Copywriters, Editors, Photographers, Videographers, and Webmasters


Hybrid Web Content Management (HWCM) Expedites Archival + Digital Transformation + Presentment   

Content Analysis and Creation, Customer Relationship Management, Content Marketing Methods, Plans, Services, and Strategies



Social Media Marketer (SMM) onsite and remote management of social media and viral content of a Website.


Have The Douglas Agency Content Solution-ists interact with online   communities to drive organic traffic and monitor public opinion. We use social media content to build brand awareness, expand your network of friends, improve visitor ratings, and build a high-quality, relationship based following. The Douglas Agency also contributes to the social beat with revenue-generating content and creative designs for blogs.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Optimizer Services for organic keyword research, targeting, link-building, and on-page optimization of content.


Every bit of content produced by The Douglas Agency is search engine optimized to the latest algorithms of the day. The Agency's SEO strengths include information architecture, analysis, content management, copywriting, creative thought, link building, and keyword generation.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) for Google, Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, and YouTube. 


The Douglas Agency provides industry-specific keywords and keyword research skills which are essential to the success of any online ad campaign. The Douglas Agency Content Solutionists contribute revenue-generating keyword brainstorming, term and phrase relationships, on-page targeting, titles, Metas, URLs, H1s, Text, Internal anchor text, image alt, and powerful title descriptions.

Transforming Content
Into Digital Experiences 


Progressive companies and analyst organizations are realizing that a hybrid of WCM is a critical priorty in moving away from simply developing Web pages filled with content. What's needed is a more strategic digital strategy which puts a greater focus on customers and how the business reacts to customer issues.


The Douglas Agency produces a more secure strategy with a broader digital solution which preemptively targets individuals in key audiences. A hydrid digital solution comprised of multiple information sources which interact and complement the latest customer engagement touchpoints, such as cloud, mobile, portal, kiosk/vending, ads, ratings, reviews, retail shopping, customer service, catalogs, points of purchase, testimonials, and word of mouth.


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Engaging Audiences
To Influence Behavior


The interoperability of traditional WCM with mutilple information sources, biometrics, and digital proximity services expedites an organization's ability to understand customer interactions--and respond appropriately. These radical advancements enable companies to shift from end games of efficient presentment to achieve a real value-driven impact.


The Douglas Agency uses its hybrid WCM (HWCM) approach to deliver search-optimized digital experiences which fully-engage audiences and influence behaviors. Our extensive experience with enterprise network management, stick-built Website construction, WCM, cloud computing, interoperability, digital archiving, and magazine production produces an engaging, agile, and high-impact digital footprint.


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