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The Rise of "Good Search" Content

We embrace "GOOD SEARCH" Content as the quintessential result of timely, important, and valuable information succinctly-presented in a manner which complements a company, product, and/or services.It is a hard to reach outcome without high-quality, consistent, and current content which provides a closely-matched value to those who search.

To Achieve a "GOOD SEARCH"


Powerful Thought-Provoking Graphics, Valuable Information, and Succinct Stories Must Be Presented Which Communicate: 


  • What You Know
  • Who You Want to Be
  • What You Have Accomplished
  • Who You Want Your Visitors To Think You Are
  • The Value of Your Products and Services to Whom
  • A Reason for Online Visitors to Repeatedly Come Back, Be Surprised, and Satisfied

The Value of "Early-On-Discovery"


Equally important to good search is exactly when content is found. "Early-On-Discovery" (EOD) captures the importance of be timely and spot-on with good content. How important is "Good Search" and EOD to the success of what you market? It is just about everything when considering the relationship of online search and pulling the trigger on a purchase.

  • More than 60-percent of B2B buying decisions are completed before contacting a product source or service
  • B2B buyers seek more than 70-percent of "search" content on their own--before a company representative has a chance to influence their buying decision.
  • Because of these B2B buying habits--the way you position, describe, and price is a powerful catalyst of EOD--so you better get it right!
  • Early-On-Discovery of a company, product, and/or service is the best way to be included and considered for evaluation, comparison, and purchase. And the reality is that surfers are also trying to LIMIT their universe of suppliers by looking for OBVIOUS reasons NOT to buy from, visit, try, or learn more about.
  • Without the many benefits of "GOOD-SEARCH" Content, it will be extremely unlikely that EOD will ever be accomplished.