Douglas USA produces powerful marketing communications for rapid and realtionship building customer engagement
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Douglas USA has a Long History of International and Domestic Success in Accurately-Scaled Promotions, Product and Company Launches, Public Relations, Press & Analyst Tours, and Strategic "What's Possible" Improvements which produce stronger relationships and reputational capital.

For Decades, the Principals of
Douglas USA Complemented Prominent Promotional Organizations, e.g., ASPEN; ASPEN Business Development; The Vertical Marketing Group; Dod/Pritchard Communications; and Rockett, Burkhead, Lewis, & Winslow; as Ghost Writers, Copywriters, Technical Analysts, Application Experts,
to Perform Due Diligence, Create Identity Packages, Product and Company Launch Tactics and Strategies, Marketing Plans, Company and Product Branding, Reputation Management and Restoration Duties.