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A Cost-Saving Transition From Newspaper Classifieds to Online Recruitment

Faster Easier and Cheaper



Online Recruiting by Douglas USA Has Saved Its Clients As Much As $8,000 Per Month

  • Online Recruitment Clients Pay Less and Get More Valuable Applicants Faster
  • Higher-Quality Connections Are Generated Between Employers and Qualified Jobseekers


  • Superior Job Descriptions with Powerful, Trending, and Search Optimized Keywords Attract Better Candidates
  • Single-Point Access to a Strategic Mix of Social Media for a Faster, Easier, and Cheaper Means to Talent 


Recent Studies Show That Poorly Written and Unoptimized Job Descriptions Delay Results and Cost Employers Millions of Hours and Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. Newspapers Classifieds and Display Ads Can Not Produce Comparable Results Because Most Do Not Employ Published Authors, SEO Professionals, and Career Editors‚Äč



Hundreds of Millions of Jobseekers Visit Our Custom Mix
of Opportunities Every Month...
As Newspaper Readerships
and Circulations SHRINK

Quantity Value


We Identify The Best Jobsites For The Position You're Trying To Fill...


To Produce The Most Qualified Applicants, Quicker, and at the Best Value!

50/50 MIX


Online Recruiting Ads Receive a 50/50 Mix of Desktop and Mobile Searches... 

Smartphones Provide an Instant Connection to Jobseekers No Matter Where They Are Or What They're DOING