Douglas USA produces powerful marketing communications for rapid and realtionship building customer engagement
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Producers of Revenue-Generating Content, Strategies, and Tactics


Sales Stimuli

Douglas USA Specializes in Rapid Lead-Generation for Industrial Construction, Fabrication,Technology, Heavy Industry, Insurance, Medical, Manufacturing,
Consumer Electronics, Lifting, and Transportation Industries.



  • Have you analyzed past and present publicity to determine what is being said about your company and its products in various media?
  • Have you performed a comprehensive competitive analysis to determine what is being said about your competitors and by whom? 


Communications Audits


  • Have you performed an internal communications audit to ensure key personnel are communicating consistent messages?
  • Have you performed an external communications audit to determine the effectiveness of your various programs?
  • Have you interviewed analysts, consultants, editors, etc. to gauge awareness and perceptions among these key industry influencers?
  • Have you benchmarked current communications effectiveness to aid in future measurements?



Communications Plan


  • Have you developed a comprehensive communications plan?
  • Do you have specific timetables and budgets for promoting awareness and new sales leads in each market segment?
  • Have you been effective in meeting deadlines dor developing and implementing communications programs?





  • Have you measured sales cost and cost per lead in your organization?
  • Have you performed a competitive spending analysis?
  • Have you established budgets for major communications programs, i.e., advertising, direct mail, PR/SR, newsletters, sales materials, VAR support materials, etc.?



Channel Support


  • Do you have a VAR/Reseller program to attract high quality distribution outlets for your products?
  • Do you have a program in place to communicate with VARs and resellers on a regular basis?
  • Do you have materials to keep VARs/resellers abreast of new products, product upgrades, sales incentives, etc.?



Sale Cycle Tracking

  • Are you tracking all leads throughout the sales cycle, and are you able to determine a cost per lead?
Relationship building begins with analysis

Communications Strategy

Tactical Lead Generation

Reputational Value

advertising as a revenue generator
what do customers think about your value, purpose, and reputation?



  • Do your ads give readers a compelling reason to respond and are you satisfied with the current rate of response?
  • How effectively does your advertising both "tell" and "sell" your product, its features, and benefits?
  • Is your advertising "me-too" or will it stand out in a magazinewith ads from competitors?
  • With a limited advertising budget, how do you ensure the most cost-effective media buys?



Direct Mail


  • How well does your direct mail reinforce your selling messages in other media?
  • Is your target audience pinpointed, both in terms of the mail list and the selling message(s)?
  • How are you going to follow up your direct mail--with telemarketing or  additional mailings?



Public and Social Relations


  • Do you regularly monitor and post to social, local, regional, and national media outlets? 
  • Is your public/social relations program consistent and responsive to editors, enthusiasts, and owners?
  • Are you regularly issuing press releases on new customers, products, enhancements, and upgrades, etc.?
  • Are you developing a steady supply of application articles for placement or use in direct mail or other sales efforts?
  • Are you consistently reviewing editorial calendars and speaking with key editors to proactively identify press opportunities?
  • Are you conducting press tours and speaking with editors one-on-one in their offices?



Trade Shows


  • Do you have a branded pop-up display and tablecloth to promote your messaging, products, and services?
  • Do you have one-on-one interviews scheduled with key editors at major trade shows?
  • Are you speaking on any panels or seminars at trade shows?
  • How effective is your follow-up with attendees who visited your booth?




  • How quickly are you responding to qualified leads? Does all the material have a response vehicle?

Public/Social Relations


  • Is your PR/SR program targeting industry "gurus" and other important influencers, including angel/venture capital and investment communities?

  • Are you developing white papers aand other background materials to educate the media on your industry and company?

  • Does the media recognize your company's executives as experts on your technology or industry?

  • Have you performed internal or external communications audits to measure your effectiveness in message delivery?

  • Is someone in your organization consistently pitching article ideas to top editors?



Speaking Engagements


  • Are you consistently and proactively identifying and securing speaker placements?
  • Are you contributing to industry roundtables and seminars at trade shows and other indutry events?
  • What are the key issues in your industry that are good topics for speaking?



Consultant/Reseller Program



  • Do you have a consistent, ongoing, dialogue with consultants who can recommend your product?
  • How effectively are you helping your resellers to sell with tandem sales calls, sales material, lead generation, and distribution?
  • What could you be doing more effectively to attract more resellers?
  • How do you let resellers know about product updates, new sales tools, successful applications, etc.?
  • Do you tie-in with non-competitive hardware, software, or networking vendors to cross-promote applications, products, and services? 
  • Do you hold joint marketing seminars with VARS/resellers to attract new prospects? 
  • Have you produced advertising, direct mail, brochures, etc. to help VARs/resellers advertise to their
  • prospects?
  • Have you produced presentation materials, slides, overheads, etc. to help VARs/resellers or system integrators communicate product benefits to end users?



Fulfillment Program


  • Are there different levels and types of fulfillment material, depending on the type of prospect?