In two-months of a COVID-19 shut-down, the business world we once knew has changed possibly forever. When market disruptions raise their ugly head, advertising, creative, and marketing budgets are the first to get axed.


Unfortunately, axing critical budgets and valuable personnel you’ve entrusted with your brand isn’t in the best interest of your business. All this does is strangle management’s ability to get back to business, compete, and thrive.


DOUGLAS USA understands this to be true because it’s been around long enough to experience several major market disruptions.


  • 1980 – Financial Crash > Crisis of thrift institutions and commercial bank failures
  • 2001 – 911 Attack and Y2K Fears > An eight-month economic downturn
  • 2008 -2009 Great Recession > A global financial crisis
  • 2020 – COVID-19 > The great lockdown of U.S. business


It is inevitable that business owners mistakenly go into survival mode to evaluate and contend with market fluctuations often wrongly assuming that their competition will shut down too and stay idle without knowing for how long or to what degree.


The single common denominator that DOUGLAS USA remembers is that there will come a new normal to embrace and learn anew. Regrettably, there is no retracing of our steps to where our businesses once thrived. Those days are likely forever gone, and it would be extremely prudent and valuable to have a crisis-proven partner to see your business through the chaos and communicate your organization’s renewed value, purpose, and reputation.


From its decades of market success, DOUGLAS USA leads clients through market disruptions with realistic stratagems that take market share, grow profitability, and reestablish brand awareness and dominance. We have served as the compass of business and delivered decades of unbridled results in the best of times, and when crisis needed management. As always, DOUGLAS USA is here for you.

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