To succeed in the restaurant business, owners and managers must observe and experiment to produce useful models of reality. Only after putting this empirical data in play can a restaurant generate reliable profits, control costs, provide consistency of meals and diner experiences, and systematically organize and operate in a predictable manner every day.


Restaurants need to discover new differentiating routines, embrace them, and add discernable value to what they create. It would be extremely prudent and valuable to have a crisis-proven partner to see your food business through the chaos and communicate your organization’s renewed value, purpose, and reputation.


DOUGLAS USA understands your business better than most agencies. As children, one of our principals tasted McDonald’s French fries and hamburgers before they were available to the public, and grew up in the grocery industry working side-by-side with industry greats, the likes of Hugh Bridgford, and Dominic Dimateo. We even launched a logistics software with a Heinekin Beer case study that produced more than 75 media placements.


From its decades of marketing success, DOUGLAS USA leads clients through market disruptions with realistic stratagems that take market share, grow profitability, and reestablish brand awareness and dominance. It has served as a reliable compass of business and delivered decades of unbridled results in the best of times, and when crisis needed management. As always, DOUGLAS USA is here for you.  

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