how to survive as a retailer in 2018

If you haven't noticed Social Media has Changed traditional Public Relations forever. What was once a dignified profession has been diluted with unprofessional do-it-yourself (DIY) ramblings, which are often far from strategic or tactically correct. 


The simplicity of Broadcast and Customer Relationship Building via Social Media has been over-used and in some cases used incorrectly as a substitute for valuable face-to-face encounters, purposeful conversations about products and services, and personal customer service. No matter how you choose to interact there is an important need for competitive intelligence and collaboration with customers old and new. This valuable feedback doesn't just happen nor should it be without note-taking and sharing with all who come into contact with customers.


Throwing huge sums of money at the problem will undoubtedly produce some results but along with an unnecessary cost. A calculated and Timely Mix of Advertising, Communications, and Community is what's actually needed and most beneficial. Retailers and especially those from small towns with a diminished customer universe need to be more recognizable than remembered. Being remembered is a very costly endeavor which requires deep pockets and investment in advertising, marketing, online presentment, search enhancements, time, community, and customer relationship management. 


To effectively compete and remain in the black, retailers can adopt a subset of what's normally associated with branding to achieve a positive return on investment. It is often best to have some seasoned knowledge of what works integrated into your operations. It is equally important to Visually Show and Tells customers old and new your business' Value, Purpose, and Reputation with Revenue-Generating Content which is Beneficial, Thought-Provoking, and True.