Being On-Time & Working Late

I recently read a short reflection by a "worker" who complained about no one noticing her working late and getting repeatedly reprimanded for not arriving at her scheduled time. The "worker" made it sound like she was being wronged by her employer...which couldn't be further from the I see it.


As a "worker" you are required to work from time "A" to time "B" and be on-time in order to be fully compensated for your time and work. Employers and employees depend upon each other to share the customer and/or production load. Not being available when a need arises could escalate into problems, poor service, and hits to an otherwise unblemished reputation.


Performing or underperforming as a "worker" is a personal mindset which will hold you back, make it hard to meet goals, and give you the appearance of being less valuable and unreliable. The best employees are not "workers" but the contributors, builders, and relationship builders who are so excited about their place of employment that they arrive early and work late.


To achieve this wonderful situation you must choose your place of employment well, anchor it with a personal connection where you become valuable and owner-like. Becoming owner-like is akin and likely an early step in the direction of developing an entrepreneurial soul. It is only then that working late and arriving early will benefit you. Because it will definitely benefit your employer, his/her customers, and how you value yourself. DK

DOGLAS USA LLC 01/09/2018 Blog Content