what is skilled-nursing care?

Many consider the answer to be where the elderly live. The reality is skilled nursing care is for anyone. Skilled nursing care is for those who need a place to recover from hospital care before returning home. It is also a place for rehabilitation from surgery or other life-changing events, and a place for those who need extended daily-living assistance. 

Having worked with various aspects of the healthcare community for more than 38-years, I’ve added to my repertoire a better understanding of skilled nursing within the long-term care environment. Industry regulations, performance, and financial value-based care are now public measures where owners and operators must also maintain their focus. These measures regulate the future of a skilled nursing facility. 

Determining a proactive means to simultaneously balance these measures, while knowing it’s not a one-off problem or short-term solution to solve is a complex challenge. From my decades of experience, I understand that the private sector embraces these challenges to develop an efficient way to help. In 2018, I discovered a solid organization with a verified solution after meeting its executive officer in 2017 and staff members at the 2018 CMS conference in Jackson.  

The Company, TechWay Health, has a well-respected solution called “The Star Program” which is recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid “CMS”, federal and state healthcare organizations (e.g. Veterans Administration, AHRQ, QIO’s), universities (e.g. UAB, MU), and state inspection teams, as being extremely beneficial. TechWay Health uses the Star Program to help long-term care skilled nursing facilities of all sizes, and regardless of location or CMS status.

The Star Program produces long-term results for quality and integrates compliance aligned to process engineering for improvements. The Star Program engages the entire facility (ALL departments) to initiate value-added behavior for quality assurance ownership and accountability. Highly-experienced industry specialists use an intuitive hands-on mentoring approach to make recommended changes affecting quality in behavior and activities. 

I understand change can be difficult and time-consuming. However, it painlessly begins with a succinct discussion about the value, purpose, and reputation of the Star Program. I am available for a phone call, text or email to answer your questions and to confirm your facility qualifies for a no-cost implementation. 

I look forward to your inquiries and hope to hear from you soon.  

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