happy new year

2018 was a year of creating workforce recruiting messaging and visuals for large industrial and civil construction clients targeted at groups from junior high school to colleges grads. DOUGLAS USA created memorable, fact-based communications and visuals which fought through layers of tradition and competition to attract a finite group of untrained workers.


Secondly, we identified new revenue streams for the paving industry and devised a viable means to capture their potential with minimal implementation and operational costs. It was also a time well spent creating two one-of-a-kind wall calendars for a long-time petrochemical client.

Finally, DOUGLAS USA went back to extensive public relations and business/product launch roots to analyze and improve the communication of a proactive business remedy for skilled-nursing facilities. When properly implemented it protects the bottom line, improves workplace cultures, and mentors personnel and ownership on compliance and powerful revenue generating business practices.


Well wishes to all. We are here for you.

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