once an influencer always an influencer

If you wanted to compare and learn more about personal computers (PCs) and peripherals in the 1980s and `90s, you would subscribe to Computer Shopper magazine and highly anticipate its arrival in the mail. By 1988, Computer Shopper was billing itself as the World’s Biggest Computer Magazine,” and for a very good reason. It had a page count of much more than 1,000 pages and was so heavy that I know of postal workers would dispose of them so as not to have to carry them on their routes.


Computer Shopper remains important today, for it was the starting point for many technologists, media, public relations, marketing, and advertising professionals. I know this to be true because I was its first technical editor. 


According to my mentor editor-in-chief, Stanley Veit, “Computer Shopper grew because we gave the readers unbiased information. None of the big computer manufacturers advertised with us, so we could call a spade a spade and pull no punches.” In short, we were powerful influencers before it became a monetized profession. The hands-on research, competitions, and fair reporting we pioneered became the building blocks for what Influencers have become today, valuable. 


A recent Nielsen Consumer Trust Index calculated that 92-percent of consumers trust influencers more than traditional advertising. Influencers must be included in marketing mixes because they possess the ability to make an extraordinary impact on consumers and sometimes across an entire market segment.


Having customers and enthusiasts communicate value about client products and services is more believable and fundamental to future sales and repeat business. Comments, shares, and likes can make or break a company and its products and services faster than ever possible. Across all industries, there is an immediate need to maximize influencer marketing efficiencies to remain competitive and to reach targeted consumers with valuable sales-motivating information. 


DOUGLAS USA has influencer partnering experience from promoting food, technology, software, hardware, medical practices, heavy construction, industry, and senior healthcare, in print, online, for radio, and television. We have decades of experience in identifying valuable enthusiasts, performing proactive planning and timing agendas, and in creating a balanced marketing mix which features powerful influencers.

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