in by three out by five - crisis management

Rapid response to a crisis is most important to control and explain client events. In unafflicted times, DOUGLAS USA has a reputation for its quick turnarounds on media relations, content, copywriting, and creative. When COVID-19 rose its ugly head, DOUGLAS USA used all its resources and abilities to respond quickly and accurately to control, explain, improve, and manage client reputations in the community.


Crisis management is all about fact-based communications that are timely, informative, and proactive to questions and investigations, especially by the community and media outlets. With COVID-19, our clients benefitted from informative news releases that described how their senior healthcare facilities protected residents by enforcing the State department of health and CDC infection control policies. The facility also had DOUGLAS USA create facility lock-down and resident access information for social media and its Website.


When a crisis arose almost a month later, local media ran their impression of what happened and requested more information from the facility. DOUGLAS USA had a two-hour turnaround on preparing a succinct explanation of an unfortunate event.


We explained that despite being in full compliance with the State department of health and CDC infection control measures, the facility had a resident who tested positively for COVID-19. It also shared how it was further protecting its residents by compartmentalizing public and private spaces to limit staff and resident interactions. The facility also put into practice the long-term care (LTC) respiratory surveillance line list from the CDC. Without this information, the community would have presumed non-compliance, an expectation of further infections, and a false impression of care and protection.


A week later, we were contacted by local media about a rumor of additional infections. In the middle of the night, DOUGLAS USA researched the scuttlebutt with facility administrators and substantiated that it was false news. We satisfied local press with a fact-based explanation of some misinterpreted events, which led to the non-story. They responded with from what you’re telling us, “there’s no actual news to investigate or report upon.”


Subsequently, DOUGLAS USA has been called upon to compose messaging and create huge display banners for the proud presentment to the “Hero” nurses, staff, and administrators of the facility. Our vendor shipped the banners ahead of schedule without expedited shipping fees. We were pleasantly surprised by the gesture, and hypothesize that the vendor read the messages, and they too wanted to express their gratitude.