DOUGLAS USA Business to Business (B2B) Acumen Advisors provide top-down direction to navigate critical business issues and challenges. Its on-demand advisors fill internal operational, tactical, and strategic voids by providing proven knowhow and direction to reach realistic goals.


According to Forrester Research, more than 80-percent of progressive companies find that specialized experience and talent is imperative to the longevity of their organizations. DOUGLAS USA contends that specialized expertise is even more valuable in times of market disruptions.


B2B acumen advisors fill a critical gray area that exists between corporate boards and top executives to expeditiously expand markets, build brands, win bids, raise private capital, or create viable exit strategies. DOUGLAS USA principals and staff are available as fully-vetted, critical thinkers and advisors to discover opportunities, assess and storyboard successes, making introductions, and offering their unique perspective on what’s possible, on what scale, and how to create new revenue streams.


Because of COVID-19, organizations must communicate and demonstrate leadership by providing guidance on returning to work, safety protocols, new business strategies and operations, and how popular products and services may be altered or discontinued. Unfortunately, many organizations lack the critical personnel and communications expertise to purposefully evaluate customers and gauge how they were affected by a crisis.


The COVID-19 return to business period is precisely the time for business acumen advisors to be called into action to uncover top-of-mind challenges, branding, and to evaluate and improve competitive and operational issues. The business acumen advisors of DOUGLAS USA are available to reengage customers and get feedback on when they’ll feel more comfortable dining out, attending a sporting event, and shopping for all the things they have done without for so long.