Distribution Partners: Your Biggest Advocates

Through thick and thin, distribution partners are valuable advocates and a quality source of competitive intelligence, product training, and promotions that attract and maintain the attention of customers. They appreciate you as a customer and have a genuine interest in your success and growth because it directly benefits their future too. The better your organization does, the more it orders, and the more they sell.

Both marketers and suppliers benefit from regular bi-directional communications that describe what a business needs, what and when supplier resources are available, and provides valuable feedback on current market conditions and to what extent competition affects sales. Because the success of your business is key to theirs, inciteful consultations, the sharing of ideas, and spot-on feedback are potent stimuli to recurring business. When a relationship means so much, why wouldn’t they be an advocate of your success?

Surefire protection for healthcare

The restaurant industry is looking for surefire ways to protect patrons in a manner that's easy to understand and trust. DOUGLAS USA just recommended to a long-time healthcare client that hybrid HVAC technology may have a viable solution to protect its residents and staff. COVID-19 transmission occurs in enclosed spaces and rarely outdoors. Bringing in more outdoor air is one well-established solution to make enclosed environments more healthy. But, it would be a game-changer if healthcare retrofitted HVAC with HEPA filters and ultraviolet irradiation (UVGI) light which kills viruses. We contend, that every little bit helps until the coronavirus is better understood and we're able to control its spread.

Leading Through Disruptions

The plus two-month COVID-19 shut-down has changed the business world we once knew. In disruptive times, the elimination of critical budgets and experienced and valuable personnel entrusted with brands isn’t in the best interest of the organization, because it diminishes management's ability to get back to business, compete, and thrive.

From its decades of marketing successes, DOUGLAS USA leads clients through market disruptions with realistic stratagems that take market share, grow profitability, and reestablish brand awareness and dominance.

It has reliably served as a fact-based compass of business and delivered decades of unbridled results in the best of times, and when crisis needed management. As always, DOUGLAS USA is here for you.

The Science of Restaurant Success

To succeed in the restaurant business, owners and managers must observe and experiment to produce useful models of reality. Only after putting this empirical data in play can a restaurant generate reliable profits, control costs, provide consistency of meals and diner experiences, and systematically organize and operate in a predictable manner every day.

Competing and thriving in times of business disruption

It is inevitable that business owners mistakenly go into survival mode to evaluate and contend with market fluctuations often wrongly assuming that their competition will shut down too and stay idle without knowing for how long or to what degree.