A Serious Commitment to Customers

Want more predictable results?  Try better and more frequent communication of how much your organization cherishes and respects its customers and community.


I posted this on Twitter some time ago and received a fair amount of followers. I continue to come across retailers who think that customers will show up because they have a storefront with things to sell. This is very true of both bricks and mortars and online-only marketers.


However, unless you regularly communicate your customers' importance and connection to you they will be partially swayed by the latest and greatest, location, proximity to where they are at any given time. That is, instead of showing buyer loyalty and traveling the extra mile to get what they already know, find value in, benefit from, and enjoy.


With so much competitive "noise" in the market, it's no longer enough to be recognized and remembered. You must stimulate buying trends, the frequency of shopping, and grow the size of purchases to even remain in business til the next Holiday season. DK

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