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DOUGLAS USA is a hybrid collaboration of highly-successful marketing communications firms formerly in Atlanta, Chicago, The Research Triangle Park, Central and South Florida, Alabama, and The Golden Triangle of Mississippi.


DOUGLAS USA specializes in raising the visibility of high-tech, industrial services, professional practices, and the most complex intangible and tangible products and services. Starting with a clear understanding of the client's strategic goals, DOUGLAS USA utilizes its strong research skills to gain a complete picture of the client's competitive and sales environment, including over-the-horizon technologies, competition, product capabilities, international markets, and more.


DOUGLAS USA then uses this information to develop key messages that are part of a comprehensive marketing communications program aimed at prospects, customers, editors, users groups, consultants, and other influencers. These programs have specific targets, timetables, and budgets since no plan is complete without accountability.


DOUGLAS USA experience accelerates lead generation and relationship building from decades of editorial, design, product launch, PR, communications, and promotion experience creating marketing solutions for Fortune 100 firms as well as start-ups. DOUGLAS USA works on either a project or a retainer basis, with turnkey fees for projects of any size or complexity.


Its presentment of cost details DOUGLAS USA’s wide-range of capabilities in the areas of strategic communications, in-bound sales-lead generation, reputation building, social media, local visibility, and brand recognition. Each activity is briefly explained with benefits.


A DOUGLAS USA client list and background on its principals are available upon request. Rates for all significant-marketing activities and services are detailed, along with billing and related information.

service fees


Commercial Radio and TV Ad Production


Douglas USA uses local radio and television production crews, powerful messaging, scripting, and copywriting to communicate value, reputation, and purpose to the masses. Client properties, talent, and testimonials are woven into memorable storytelling which is easy to understand and expedite brand recognition and loyalty.


Press Releases


Press releases are billed at a flat rate of $1,200. This includes client input, drafts, revisions, client or customer approvals, distribution, and follow-up with targeted editors. Printing, photography, postage, and other outside costs are additional.




Case history or application articles are billed at a flat fee of $3,600. Feature articles or in-depth round-up articles of 3,000 words or more are billed at a flat rate of $5,600. Fees include client input, customer interviews, drafts, reasonable revisions, final approvals and media coordination for placement. Additional placements of the same articles are billed at $500 each. Any outside cost such as photography is additional.


Customer Profiles


A customer profile is an abbreviated case history of a particular customer's application. They are billed at a flat rate of $1,200 which includes client input, customers interviews, drafts, revisions and final client approvals.



Concept and design of the masthead are billed at a flat $3,600. Beyond masthead design, DOUGLAS USA provides turnkey service which includes story development, information gathering, interviews, drafts, reasonable revisions, and final approvals. The rate is $1,800 per page. Outside costs such as photography and printing are billed in addition to the above fees.


Industry Whitepapers/Primers


In-depth treatment of complex issues, industry topics, or technologies typically average 3,500 words or more. Whitepapers are billed at $8,500 depending on the complexity of subject matter, research requirements, and other time and cost factors. Primers, somewhat less detailed, are billed at a flat rate of $7,000.




DOUGLAS USA provides turnkey executive speeches which include topic research, preparation of any abstracts or outlines, drafts, reasonable revisions, and assistance with speaker support materials. Speeches are billed at a flat rate of $5,000 to $8,500 depending on length, topic, and deadlines.


DOUGLAS USA also provides speaker placement at a rate of $250 per hour to search, identify and secure opportunities. Speaking placements include conference coordination, submission of abstracts, and scheduling.


Trade Show PR


DOUGLAS USA provides complete trade show PR support, on-site management of press contacts, press room coverage, one-on-one interviews with client executives, press briefings, distribution of press materials, and other activities as required by the client. Out-of-town travel is billed at a flat $2,500 per day, plus expenses. Press coordination such as scheduling of interviews and post-show follow-up is billed at $250 per hour.


Press Tours


Out-of-town support for press visits is billed at a flat $2,500 per day, plus expenses. Pre-tour coordination such as securing press appointments, scheduling, and logistics, etc., is billed at $250 per hour. Any follow up with individual editors is also billed at $250 per hour.


Publicity Analysis


DOUGLAS USA performs a complete measurement analysis of client press clippings and provides a summary report(s) of what it discovers. Advertising equivalent costs are provided as one measure of PR effectiveness. The analysis is billed at a flat rate of $700 plus clipping measurement charges which is dependent upon the number of clips produced. Publicity Analysis is only available and provided in conjunction with its press clipping service.


Database Research


DOUGLAS USA provides in-depth searches of more than 400 worldwide databases. Basic offerings include topic searches, competitive searches, and publicity searches. Database searches are billed $150 per hour with a two-hour minimum. Clients may "cap" DB searches at any level above $300.

Direct Mail


Multi-panel, four-color mailers are billed at $10,000. Postcard size, two-color mailers are billed at a lower rate. Rate includes client input, a creative work plan, concepting (including headlines and visuals), copywriting, two to three color layouts, client review and reasonable revisions. Production costs such as art or photography, typesetting, color separations, etc., will vary and are estimated upon client approval of concept and copy.


Ad or Marketing Campaigns


DOUGLAS USA can build on a central theme to create an entire product or corporate campaign. Campaign creation is billed at $14,000 to $25,000 according to the quantity of marketing elements created. These elements can include trade ads, direct mail, brochures or product sheets, audio-visual materials, etc. This fee includes client input, a creative work plan, concepting (including headlines and visuals), copywriting, two to three color layouts, client review and initial media recommendation if required. Production costs will vary and are estimated upon client approval of concept and copy. 


Brochures and Product Data Sheets


The concepting and design of brochures, data sheets, and other printed marketing material are billed at $2,500 to $4,500 per page, depending upon the number of pages and overall complexity. The rate includes client input, a creative work plan, concepting (including headlines and visuals), copywriting, two to three color layouts and client review. Production costs will vary and are estimated upon client approval of concept and copy.

DOUGLAS USA FactResource


FactResource is a monthly editorial news bureau service which alerts clients to upcoming editorial opportunities. FactResource is a subscription-based service with fees of $1,800 for or one year; $1,200 for six months; $900 for three months and $375 for a single issue. Subscribers are charged $25 per magazine, per month for titles added to the FactResource distribution list.


Client Service


DOUGLAS USA’s basic client services, such as meetings, input, direction, as well as general media relations activities, are billed at the firm's rate of $150 per hour.




Upon signed authorization to begin work, clients, are invoiced a start-up fee which includes the first month’s estimated services. The balance is invoiced upon project completion.


Payment in advance may be required for first-time clients for out of pocket expenses. Otherwise, these services are invoiced upon client approval of final materials and prior to final production. Professional services by outside vendors and materials or supplies purchased on behalf of clients are marked up by the industry standard 25-percent.

Marketing Communications/PR Plan Writing


DOUGLAS USA can assist its clients with the development and writing of comprehensive plans. Plan development is billed at $5,000 to $10,000 depending on breadth and complexity of marketing program. Planning includes extensive database searches on competitive activity, industry publicity, and review of media schedules. Strategic messages are integrated to provide consistency with the client's marketing goals. The result is a step-by-step "roadmap" of the most valuable communications activities and a schedule for their implementation.


Print Ads


Full-page, four-color ads are billed at a flat $10,000. Fractional page sizes are billed at a lower rate. Rate includes client input, creative workplan*, ad concepting (including headlines and visuals), copywriting, 2-3 color layouts, client review and initial media recommendation. Production costs such as art or photography, layout, color separations, etc., will vary and are estimated upon client approval of concept and copy.


The creative work plan is a detailed written guideline to assist the creative team in ad development. This document covers valuable product and marketing issues such as positioning, price point, target audience, competitive issues and more.