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"More than 83-percent of U.S. citizens more trust in a company that is socially and environmentally responsible.
And, nearly nine in ten consumers would switch brands based on their perception of a company’s commitment"

Building Reputation, Credibility, and Trust


A strong reputation is valuable, because it enhances the value of a company's image, products, services, and its future potential. And, in a growing number of places on Earth, nothing influences a purchase more than a perceived edge or value. Reputation is a perceptual ranking of a company's past actions with regard to credibility, reliability, trustworthiness, and responsibility--against all rivals.


Reputation is so powerful that it drives customers to expect superior standards of quality and reliability for which they are willing to pay. Even in a sluggish economy, products and services with strong reputations are often the last purchases we do without. It creates customer loyalty, drives repeat business, and favorably offsets the effects of poor business and economic conditions.


Celebrated companies which possess exceptional reputational value do everything better than their competition. They have integrated core beliefs which produce superior products which are reliable, they operate in a dependable manner which is distinctive within a unique culture. These are the core values which create a reputational identity, but it's a company's connection with customers--the positive actions of the rank and file which delivers the most influence.


The Douglas Agency recommends that employees are the secret ingredient to improving and sustaining a strong reputation. To maximize employee contributions to reputational strength, companies must promote trust, empower employees, and inspire pride.

Promote Trust


In most organizations, trust is not a naturally occurring characteristic of the workplace. 


The Douglas Agency helps businesses communicate better with customers and employees by advocating more access to company procedures, community
activities, safety protocols, and human resource policies.

Empower Employees 


There is good reason and research to empower employees. When employees are empowered, committed, and involved in decision-making--good things happen. 


The Douglas Agency contends that empowering employees is a morale booster which motivates workers to work harder, be creative, and perform to higher standards.

Inspire Pride


A great workplace inspires employees to take pride in their jobs, in the products they produce, and the way in which the company operates.


The Douglas Agency stimulates employee pride with superior messaging, graphics, ads, and illustrations of who they are and what they do better than the competition.