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Denise Q. Smith | LCSW, ACSW



"That's All I Can Say When I Look at the Amazing Brochure and Business Cards You Designed...

Fabulous! Amazing! Douglas USA Made Me Look and Sound More Professional!"

Mark Hardy | Swoope Insurance


"DOUGLAS USA Strengthened Our Thought Leadership by Making It More Fact-Based, Believable, Visual, and Persuasive. Making Our Business Value and Mission Better Understood, Has Stimulated New Relationships, Increased Revenues, Shortened Sales Cycles, and Improved Closure Rates"

DOUGLAS USA PRINCIPALS possess decades of valuable content generation experience editing, founding, and promoting products and services to analysts, the media, and newsstand/controlled-circulation publications.

  • Public Relations with Analysts and Editors
  • Product Management and Promotion
  • Product Launch Planning and Execution in Dozens of Industries.

The principal publicists of DOUGLAS USA were co-founders of several private and public organizations which marketed personal computers, enterprise networking equipment, telecommunications, high-performance disk-storage subsystems, and biometric authentication and security solutions.​

Its editorial and public relations experience empowers DOUGLAS USA with an unmatched and valuable understanding of how to achieve maximum visibility for products, services, executives, and organizations.

Having principals with hands-on revenue-generating experience makes them indispensable for the education, nurturing, and advisement processes businesses must deliver to keep existing customers and attract new business.​

DOUGLAS USA is one of the original creative shops with a genuine focus on content analysis, creation, and reinvention. These are arguably the most important catalysts of powerful branding and communications.

#1 Attract New Business


DOUGLAS USA has Decades of Industry-
Specific Knowledge which Is Indispensable for Prospect Education, Nurturing, and Advisement--the Most Important and Required Components of how Best to Keep Existing Customers and Attract New Business.

#3 Shorten Time To Revenue


DOUGLAS USA Delivers Powerful Messaging which is Fact-Based,  Believable, and  Persuasive. From Its Use, Companies Become Easier to Recognize and Understand....which Stimulates Relationships, Shortens Sales Cycles, and Improves Closure Rates.

#4 affordable growth


Everything DOUGLAS USA does for clients pays for itself, delivers a premium, and opens doors to substantial revenue-generating expansion, and publicity.

#2 invaluable experience


For decades, the principals of DOUGLAS USA complemented the staffs of prestigious advertising agencies, engravers, paper distributors, publishers, and the internal marketing and PR departments of domestic and multinational organizations
from dozens of industries.

#5 Rapid results


DOUGLAS USA expedites revenue generation by creating powerful visual communications which are more interesting, recognizable, thought-provoking, and believable.

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Swoope insurance of Columbus Mississippi



"DOUGLAS USA Exceeded All My Expectations in Redesigning Our Logo, Website, Marketing, and Printed Materials. Doug and Marion Rapidly Provide Great Value and Innovation Which Makes a Difference. Our New Website with Its Downloadable and Fillable Patient Forms has Increased Our Efficiency in Providing the Best Possible Care to Our Patients. We also Remain Impressed with the Level of Ongoing Service Douglas USA Continues to Provide."

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Douglas USA communicates the value purpose and reputation of business

whAT douglas usa DOES BEST

World-Class Performance

DOUGLAS USA Empowers Clients to Rapidly Navigate Day-to-Day Competition, Market Fluctuations, and Respond to Opportunities. In Today’s Rapidly Evolving Business Environment Spot-On Guidance is More Valuable than Ever. And, Never Before has Connecting with Customers Been More Important to a Client’s Future and Bottom Line.


DOUGLAS USA First Analyzes Client Services (Professional Business Doctrine) and Translates Its True Value into Personal Benefits and Applications Using Real-World Examples, Illustrations, and Explanations. And, Because It Communicates Value and Purpose for Whom, It Is Easier for Professions to Make Lasting Connections with Prospects and Customers—without Huge Investments in Time and Money.

Douglas USA Identity Publicists
Douglas USA Identity Publicists
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Est. 1993 | Digital B2B and B2C Business and Culture Building Across Dozens of Industries in the Best of Times, During Rapid Market Shifts, and When Crisis Needs Innovation and Management


since 1993,
More than 7,157,262 words
AUTHORED, edited, and published

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