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The Dialogue newsletter from the DOUGLAS USA Agency of Columbus, Miss. and Tuscaloosa

Douglas USA advertising and marketing agency produces visual and personalized omnichannel content for B2B and B2C customer conversion and retention​



product launches + Rebranding


Asphalt Binders and Emulsions, Bio-Blended Fuels, Industrial Businesses,

Businesses, Celebrations, Computers,  Data Storage Subsystems, Mil-Spec Digital Cameras, Enterprisewide Networking Solutions, Events, Food,  Fuels, Heavy Lift and Transport, Hotels, Logistics, Milestones, Monitors, Networking,  Exclusive Private Country Clubs, Professional Practices, Properties,  Radio and TV Spots, Recruiting, Retail, Software, Tooth Brightener, Multimodal Shipments, Inland Waterway Transport,  Transportation, Vehicle Accessories, and Websites.  MORE INFO

HS + College workforce recruiting


DOUGLAS USA workforce recruiting campaigns create powerful messaging, attention-grabbing graphics, and the succinct communication of meaningful benefits to expect from employment that young and old value. DOUGLAS USA invites companies that seek improved workforce recruiting results to call upon our considerable knowledge and experience interpreting what needs to be communicated and demonstrated to attract top candidates.  MORE INFO


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  • Communications
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  • Rapid Conversions
  • Crisis Management
  • Cross-Marketing
  • CRM
  • Data-Driven Personalization
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script Writing


Editorially-Driven Scripts for TV, Radio, and Online Commercials, Sales Associate Pitches, Onboarding, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Testimonials, Customer Service, Workforce Recruiting, Top-Down Social Positions, and for Business and Candidate Speeches.  MORE INFO

writing and editing


Decades of Magazine Editing, Publishing, and B2B and B2C Writing Experience Produces Powerful Content and Communications for Company, Products, and Services Promotion, Crisis Management, Media Releases, Ads, Campaigns, Commercials, Newsletters, Curated Social Posts, Website Communications, and Texts.  MORE INFO



DOUGLAS USA digital presses add variable data anywhere on mailers
at the same time, it’s applying addresses. Targeted data-driven direct mailings allow progressive companies to pinpoint and pre-qualify
prospects for a fraction of the cost of traditional sales. And, with the addition of the Videojet 4320 to our digital suite, DOUGLAS USA can barcode and presort your USPS mail, making it easier, faster, and more efficient with faster delivery times.  MORE INFO

DOUGLAS USA LLC principals are famous to point out that any form of marketing that ends up being a cost is a non-performing and detrimental activity that needs to be rethought and adjusted. All of DOUGLAS USA's recommendations are relative to what works to deliver a premium return on investment that stimulates expansion, recognition, and brand loyalty.

AD design + production  


The DOUGLAS USA Agency produces world-class display advertising for publication, year-long presentments on wall calendars, billboards, and online communication of client value, purpose, and reputation. Its principals come from the paper, engraving, publishing, political science, and public relations industries where they specified paper products, managed art departments, produced newsstand and controlled circulation publications, counseled candidates, and launched products and services for Fortune 100 companies. 

Est. 1993 | DOUGLAS USA LLC is a Hybrid Brand, Identity, and Reputation-Shaping Consultancy with Decades of Visual Marketing and Design, PR, and Contextual Content Authoring. Its Complementary Mix of Experience and Capabilities Proves Extremely Beneficial to Launches and the Promotion of Candidates, Organizations, Products, Projects, Relationships, and Services. 

Indiscriminate sales are like throwing darts without a customer-centric focus that  fully customizes inventories and services to meet or exceed customer expectations.


Customer-Centric Buying-Habit-Based Relationships Along With Targeted, Intelligence-Driven, and Fully-Customized Inventories are MORE LIKELY to TURN with Greater Efficiency and Revenue.




Indiscriminate Sales at Bricks and Mortar, Online-Only Businesses, and Blended Operations are Traceable to Irrational, Exhuberant, Price, Need, and Want-Driven Desire for Products and Services often WITHOUT Loyalty or a Sustainable Relationship. 


PRACTICAL B2B and B2C Sales Analysis, Training, Transformation,
and Recommendations that GENERATE Brand Recognition, Greater Remembrance of Products and Services, and PREDICTABLE Relationship-Based Purchases of Increased Size, Value, and Frequency. Indiscriminate sales are like throwing darts without a customer-centric focus that fully-customizes inventories and services to meet and exceed customer expectations.  MORE INFO

DOUGLAS USA LLC | Brand, Identity, & Reputation Shaping Consultancy