when advertising isn't enough

For several years, we've been trying to provide a strategic messaging advantage to one of our most important financial relationships. They have a superior product, a strong brand, and continue to expand their geographical footprint. They are very successful at getting their name out in public in an institutional manner, but at what cost?

We contend that the cost of their advertising outweighs the benefits or at the very least diminishes its return on investment. You see they have compelling stories to tell which go unheard because their institutional advertising plays a starring role in its marketing mix. We know this to be true because we're part of one of those important stories which their customers and prospective customers need to know.

Communicating simply what you do often falls short in communicating value. Why is this a problem? Because, Americans buy on value and recent research supports this notion. 74-percent of U.S. buyers choose the company which is first to add value to its buying vision!

We live in an advertising blindly world where too many impressions produce irrelevant information overload (IIO) which is of little value to any brand. To make advertising king again, companies must take the time to understand what prospects and customers believe, develop and articulate a well-informed story, and add value to make buyers see new possibilities.

To compete, grow, and prosper in such an information saturated market, requires that brands become storytellers-where stories drive the narrative. Institutional advertising doesn't tell a valuable or useful story where buyers can relate to or benefit. Branded stories are powerful, long-lasting, memorable, and best at promoting recognition when they are interesting, engaging, compelling, connected to events, and feature believable characters.

Unfortunately, even good ideas fall flat on their face in a do-it-yourself (DIY) business environment where valuable change and innovation are not even considered until panic or worse sets in. We are here for your business at any stage of development or interest in making your organization all that it can be. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to hear from you soon!