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Assisted Living, Medical Practices, Rehab, & Skilled Nursing | Advertising, Banners, Charity Events, Community, Contests, Copywriting, Event Planning, Event T-Shirts, Fundraisers, Fishing & Golf Tournaments, Handouts, Admissions Packets, Holiday &
Welcome Greetings, News Pitching, News Releases, Photography, Radio and TV Ads,  Scripting, Signage, Story Positioning,  Video Production, and Websites.


Hardware and Software - Analyst Relations, Competitor Announcement Collaboration, International Launches, Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plans, Multiple-Media Presentations, Press, Radio, and TV News Conferences and Releases, Speechwriting, Trade Show PR, Media Relations, Direct Mail, Packaging, Promotion, Messaging, Copywriting, Logos, Collateral, Data Sheets, Maps, Product Comparison and Testing Management, Product Awards Leadership, Technical Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Newsstand and Controlled Circulation Technology Magazines, Contributing Editor to Technology and Show Daily Publications, Contributing Editor and Case Study Writer for Oracle at Work, and Contributing Editor of Que Publishing's  Using Windows 95. .


Construction & Fabrication | Omnichannel Advertising, Archival Services, Branded Apparel, Banners, Calendars, Portfolio Booklets, Fully-Contextual Content, Branded Resumes, Briefings, Fundraising, Handouts, IDs, Licensing, Logos, Maps, Media Interest, Industrial Photography, Pins, Fully-Branded Bid Packages, Presentations, Promotion, Rack Cards, Radio and TV Spots, Newsletters, Community Events, Signage, Speeches, Sponsorship, & Trade Show Booths.




Analyst Meetings, Awards, Branded Apparel,  Branding,  Brand Promises, Brochures,  Community, Copywriting, Display Advertising, Flipping Books, HTML 5 Content, Logos, Maps, Memberships, Naming, Pins, Presentations, Press Tours, Rack Cards, Reputations, Resumes, Sales Models, Signage, Speeches, Strategic Messaging, TV and Radio Commercials, Wall Calendars, and Websites.

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2016 medical practice identity project
HTML 5 document creation and branding by Douglas USA
Product launch strategies and tactics by Douglas USA
Trade show booth design imaging and messaging by Douglas USA
Professional Recruiting Service by Douglas USA
Safety publication design branding writing editing and publishing by Douglas USA
embroidered silk screened and digitized apparel branded by Douglas USA
Business Archival Catologing and Presentment by Douglas USA
Strategic Model Analysis and Design by Douglas USA
Industrial extreme conditions and project photography by Douglas USA
Fully-Branded Annual Wall Calendars by Douglas USA
Branded business identity projects by Douglas USA
Industrial Ad Design and Copywriting by Douglas USA

"Delivering Loyal Customers to Clients in Diverse Industries with Powerful Images, Phrases, and Symbols in Artful Ways that Make Products and Services More Believable, Credible, and Better Known than the Competition." DK+MK



"DOUGLAS USA Exceeded All My Expectations in Redesigning Our Logo, Website, Marketing, and Printed Materials. Doug and Marion Rapidly Provide Great Value and Innovation Which Makes a Difference. Our New Website with Its Downloadable and Fillable Patient Forms has Increased Our Efficiency in Providing the Best Possible Care to Our Patients. We also Remain Impressed with the Level of Ongoing Service Douglas USA Continues to Provide."

gary nichols | president & coo - tuscaloosa

"McAbee Construction, Inc. has used the services of Douglas USA for more than 10-years. They have completed multiple projects on our behalf, in many diverse areas of our company. We appreciate their expertise, and their willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy our needs as a client. We consider DOUGLAS USA a valuable partner in our business endeavors."



"DOUGLAS USA Strengthened Our Thought Leadership by Making It More Fact-Based, Believable, Visual, and Persuasive. Making Our Business Value and Mission Better Understood, Has Stimulated New Relationships, Increased Revenues, Shortened Sales Cycles, and Improved Closure Rates"

Swoope insurance of Columbus Mississippi


Assisted Living, Medical Practices, Rehab, and Skilled Nursing - Contextual Advertising, Awards, Banners, Community, Copywriting, Crisis Communications and Management, Editing, HTML 5 Content, Maps, Annual Healthcare Appreciation Events, IT  Support, News Releases, Pins, Presentations, Rebranding, Healthcare
Recruitment, Reputation Promotion, Speeches, Signage, Storytelling, 
Special Events, Competitive Intelligence and Messaging, and Writing.

KEN PHILLIPS, ADMINISTRATOR | The pointe retirement community - columbus 


"For more than a decade, Doug and Marion of DOUGLAS USA have responded to our advertising and marketing needs with unparalleled due diligence that saves us money, makes us more competitive and visible in the community."



"DOUGLAS USA's crisis management during the COVID-19 outbreak provided fact-based information to the media and the community in a way that maintained our reputation for caring and the unrelenting observance of the mandated state and federal protocols. We could not do without their services in good times or when crisis needs management."

Denise Smith head shot

Denise Q. Smith | LCSW, ACSW



"That's All I Can Say When I Look at the Amazing Brochure and Business Cards You Designed...

Fabulous! Amazing! Douglas USA Made Me Look and Sound More Professional!"

  seasoned   leadership

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Marion Lott Kilarski is the co-founder and creative director with more than 30-years of creative design, brand marketing, advertising, and print publishing experience.
Co-Founder Kilarski, is a well-respected master communicator and a widely-published author, editor, and business/sales analyst.

marion lott-kilarski

Co-founder and creative and business development director with more than 30 years of innovative design, brand marketing, advertising, and print publishing experience. Marion Kilarski is a "world-class designer" of corporate identity and high-visibility communications comprised of product and promotional brochures, catalogs, branded wall calendars, and online content. She is a former color specialist in wallcovering manufacturing, a commissioned artist in the hospitality industry, an art director for one of the largest and most prominent engravers, and a paper specification analyst for the Zellerbach-Mead paper company.

senior AMELIORATOR, analyst, author & editor

Co-founder Doug Kilarski is a well-respected master communicator and a widely-published author, editor, and business/sales analyst. His business development strategies have benefitted Fortune 100 and best-of-class companies from numerous industries. Kilarski is a former technical editor for the world's largest newsstand magazine and an editorial director and editor-in-chief for industrial, golf, computer, and trade publications. Presently clients find extraordinary value in his reconstitution, blending, rebranding, and merging of acquired businesses, products, services, and reputations.



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